Ann Tappan is not just another endangered jazz species from Montana. She displays superb phrasing and a Shearing-like minimalist style.

Jazzscene Magazine, Portland, OR

Tappan proves what a short trip it is for her to move into uncharted territory.

JazzNow Magazine, San Francisco

Ann Tappan makes every note count

5/4 Magazine, Seattle

Ann Tappan has a smooth and lyrical style on the piano, a very sensitive and intuitive touch.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman

Ann Tappan…the receptive embodiment of this project. Both hummingbird and orca…

New Perspective Magazine, Helena, MT

Tappan offers subtle and inventive chord changes.

Jazz Improv Magazine, Grafton Vermont

Ann Tappan has a strongly elegant touch on the piano.

Le Jazz Hot, Paris, France


The unusual Great Grey is a piece in the wandering glacial quality of an ECM record.

Cadence Magazine

Spider Bite – crunch! Ann Tappan spanks it hard with this piece, and the group not only bites, but bites hard.

New Perspective Magazine, Bozeman

Tappan’s tunes reflect her affinity for complex harmony, a love for varied rhythms, and a decidedly romantic sensibility. Seventy-Five opens with a softly stated guitar introduction and then plows fearlessly forward, shifting between 6/8 and 4/4 meters.

State of the Art, Missoula, MT

Of The Tappan/Roberti/Williams Trio and Quartet

Kelly and Ann seem to enter each others breathing cycle while never losing MJ’s lyrical countenance. All three reach a profound connection.

Bozone, Bozeman

Dancing to the Edge is a recording that seems to reveal layers, not only with each listening but also in the single span of its nine selections. One of the pleasures of the CD is that it is neither self-conscious nor self-referential.

Drumlummon Institute, Helena MT

The Tappan/Roberti Quartet consists of four of the finest jazz players anywhere. Their sound is the ‘state of the art’ jazz that international audiences cherish and yearn for.

Montana Public Television

Of Springhill

Just when you think you’ve got Springhill pegged, this quartet of obviously skilled players serves a stylistic surprise. The wide-ranging influences of world music are blended into well-crafted compositions that reflect a handsome divergence of musical thought. The groups appeal is immediate; its music able to transcend the restrictions imposed by labels.

James Liska Playboy Festival Magazine editor

Like a late night conversation with your id, this CD from four Bozeman musicians scans the deep recesses of our basic and most elevated musical instincts. Springhill does it with such majesty and control you hardly notice what’s transpired until the passages fly from your brain.
All four members are superb jazz musicians, credible players all around, reactive and pro-active. You’ll find this CD to be an inspiring experience.

Missoulian, Missoula MT

Springhill has created a project unsurpassed in its genre by anyone in this locale, or to my knowledge in this entire region. This is a complete and successful vision brought to fruition by four talented and circumspect musicians.

New Perspective Magazine, Bozeman

Of ThreeForm

This album of subtle explorations is well worth tracking down. What We Had In Mind is modern chamber music which also happens to be jazz.

5/4 Magazine, Seattle

This Montana trio is superb in its first effort….What We Had In Mind should silence the skeptics who think that the only good jazz is born in urban settings.

Jazzscene Magazine, Portland

Although people living and working in the music capitols of the world think they have a corner on significant music, this CD by ThreeForm demonstrates that creative music not only exists outside the established marketplace, it blossoms wherever talented musicians blend their talent toward a common goal.

Jazz After Hours, Public Radio International