RETURN (The Turning Point)

We have developed our sound together for over 25 years. Recording new material gives us a chance to focus intently on nuance and building an arc of sonic coloration, in a way, like choreographing a long piece. We strive to be a “chamber trio” with the ability to stretch all boundaries, finding inspiration in diverse sources from Pat Metheny to Bill Evans to Sun Ra. We are always looking for ways to create a unique blend of voices.

JazzScene (Portland) wrote about their first album, “What We Had in Mind (1995), “This is a very engaging trio and the group’s first CD should silence the skeptics who think that the only good jazz in America is born in urban settings”.

Rick Newby, Drumlummon Institute (Helena MT) writes in 2022:

“The same qualities that distinguished their earlier recordings hold true for Return (The Turning Point), but with a marvelous increase in power, subtlety, and grace. I’ve had the chance to listen to the eleven cuts on the album, and this disc is truly the finest documentation of the trio’s work to date.”

Made possible with support from Montana Arts Council

RETURN (The Turning Point)

  1. Falling Grace
  2. Ambleside Days
  3. Adios Alice Mary
  4. The Peacocks (A Timeless Place)
  5. Don’t Just Sing
  6. Minuano
  7. Lawns
  8. Sun Ra Slept Here
  9. Lady in the Lake
  10. Aubade
  11. Who Knows Where the Time Goes

MJ Williams – vocals, trombone
Ann Tappan – piano
Rob Kohler – bass
Adam Greenberg – drums (8)

Recorded by Gil Stober, Peak Recording
Mixed by Ann Tappan, MJ Williams, Gil Stober
Mastered by Stevin McNamera
Artwork by Sandra Dal Poggetto
Design by Yae Inoue

“RETURN” is available on Bandcamp, both digital download and CD.
For direct CD purchase, contact Ann Tappan.

“RETUEN” is available on other music streaming services.