Springhill has been to the Czech Republic several times. Touring there is a wonderful thing; audiences seem to really enjoy our music and listen very hard. They have incredibly insightful comments showing the depth of their culture.

Seventy-Five was written in honor of Kenny Wheeler’s 75th birthday. He is truly of the world’s greatest jazz composers.

Moon in Ricany came to me all at once while watching a full moon from a taxi on the hill above Ricany, the village where we stay near Prague.

Two For Joy is a continuation of my One Magpie for Sorrow series. Next comes “Three For a Girl”.

For Alice was inspired by our good friend in the CZ Republic, Alice Bardova. She worked so hard booking our tours and commented once that she didn’t really like jazz. I wrote a folk tune for her.

Two for Joy

by Springhill
  1. Delano

  2. Seventy-five

  3. Moon in Ricany

  4. Two for Joy

  5. For Alice

  6. Left Lane

  7. North Sky

  8. Stacey’s Bridge

  9. Travelogue

  10. Dark Dance

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